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    Watch different channels on TV, Sling

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      I recently set up my Slingbox M1. I can watch through the Slingplayer Desktop on my PC, and whatever is being displayed on Slingplayer Desktop is what shows up on my TV at home. Through my cable subscription (Comcast), I can record two channels at once, or watch one channel while recording something else. I was told that my Slingbox would take the place of one of these options, meaning if someone is using my Slingbox to watch a program, at my house, I can watch/record one other channel. This does not seem to be the case right now. Does anyone have any insight on if I am able to do this, and if so, what the best method is? I have two roommates, so it's not feasible to lock them out of the TV completely when I am gone. Thanks!

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          Not possible,   The second tuner on your Comcast box is an internal tuner, inaccessible to the user, that is simply used to record a program while you are using the primary tuner to watch the TV.  It is the output of the primary tuner that is used for the plugs on the back that drive both the TV and the Slingbox.   If you want to watch a different channel on the Slingbox you are going to have to give it it's own separate TV source, i.e. a second Comcast box.