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    Slingbox working on computer but the Slingplayer app won't connect on iPad anymore


      I have been using my Slingplayer app for over a year on my iPad with the most updated app and software. Two days ago it stopped working completely. I can access my Slingbox through the website on my computer, but the app just says failure to connect after asking me to login. I live out of the country, and some of my neighbors here have been having the exact same problem. One person has a brand new iPad and their app stopped working at the same time. We have the Slingbox 500, our internet connect is great, I have reset the actual Slingbox back home and reinstalled app twice. Still nothing.


      I noticed that others were having issues back in August because there was a server issue on Sling Media side of things. Anyone have any tips? I have troubleshooted as much as I can. Thanks in advance.