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    Can only access M1 via local network,can access other slingbox and other devices outside LAN on internet....help??? Please.


      Greetings all -

      Hello...Maybe someone can help. This is my 3rd slingbox. I have an M1 I just purchased as well as and older Slingbox and 2 other "Placeshifting" devices on my LAN. I have never had an issue with any of them being able to be accessed via internet using either Droid based phone or tablets or even iPads. I can connect to my other slingbox, my 2 Vulkanos and other device via the internet and intranet. I however cannot connect to my Slingbox M1 via internet on any device. I can connect all devices when I am in my home on my LAN.

      I have configure port forwarding on both my router and wireless access point....that usually fixes the problem on the other sling device and other devices. Older sling box is using ports 5001 and the M1 is using the described one which I believe is port 5301....as I not sitting at home on my router I can not be certain that is the correct one...though I do know whatever one is there is correct as I verified it with slingbox tech support. it is a carbon copy of the other ports where both UDP and TCP were selected....what did I miss....



      any thoughts I am sure it is something stupid I am missing...have young twins less than a year old I am not on my A game sleep deprivation is killing me...Thank you in advance