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    Du VIP2262

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      Hi as per my post on https://community.sling.com/ideas/2591#comment-7651 (sorry for putting it on the wrong forum).


      I'd really appreciate a little help alanrichey42  (and others) on this..


      I have just come back to Dubai from the States with a Slingbox M1 with the hope of using it with my Motorola VIP 2262 and unfortunately, like ACC6162865, the remote doesn't work.


      I think the short reason for this is that the IR codes that the Bell model use are different to the Du model (hence why the 1200 codes don't work).


      I have a Harmony Logitech Link and the default VIP2262 also doesn't work on that device, so I have to manually IR blast each function..


      I looked at your primer Alan and for me to fix the scenario -it appears that I would have to buy a JP1 remote and then code it myself.. right? That looks painful especially for a newbie like me.


      Any other suggestions?