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    M1 and Roku Stick Slingplayer 720P?


      I can connect my DirecTV or Panasonic Blu-ray to my M1 via component cables.  Running Slingplayer Channel on Roku Stick, and pressing 'options' when content is playing shows stream bandwidth running low 5,000kbps and RES: 1280x720.  Never hits 1080, and video on 48" LED looks soft.  VUDU Blu-ray channel on the Roku Stick plays back fine at 1080P, so I do not believe this to be a problem with my bandwidth (Comcast).  M1 is on a wired connection and I am doing all of this in my home where the M1 is located.  Just trying to get content on an additional TV in the house.  TV is only 12' from the wifi AP.


      Is the Slingplayer Channel (app) on Roku Stick limited to 720P?


      Thank you,


      Bob H

      Minneapolis, MN

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          I've tested similarly on a Roku LT and the bandwidth utilization always goes to 5032 Kbps. It never goes above that, and it stays at a 720 resolution.  For me, I don't see it as being "soft" at 720 resolution, rather I notice that it appears that frames are being skipped.  It doesn't look like the video is as smooth as it should be.


          Meanwhile, other apps like youtube and such on the Roku always appear very smooth and with a decent refresh rate.  I posted another post similar to yours a couple of days ago, I hope someone at sling responds with a fix, or they maybe fix it from the perspective of these video streaming player apps.