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    Slingbox problems finally solved... *Post for info*

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      My Problems:

      • Loss of connection when using Chromecast from iPad or iPhone sling player app.
        • Connection fails while trying to connect on the slingbox, it says something like 'check your internet connection'
        • The Slingbox was working on the iPad
      • 4:3 aspect ratio while streaming Sky+ HD using chromecast
      • When trying to stream with WD Play, the connection cuts out after 2-4min of streaming
      • Connection of the slingbox to my network when using Apple Airport Extreme, connected to BT-home hub 5 (port forwarding?)
      • Apple TV streaming quality was low (I returned the Apple TV due to this, so can't tell what it is like now)

      My Solution:

      Everything seems to work fine now, except sometimes casting from my iPad doesn't work, but my iPhone works (which is all I need).

      Hope this is useful.