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    Cannot change channels or power off the Slingbox 500

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      Just in the last week I experienced a failure in the functionality of the remote keys below the viewing screen and the directv remote.  The Slingbox 500 is not communicating with the Directv box and is stuck on a single channel.  I'm away from home so I disconnected and allowed the box to power off on it's own in power save mode to rule out the IR/Remote issue.   After powering the Slingbox 500 up and powering up after a power save shut down the remote worked fine.  That tells me the IR/remote magic is fine.  Now two days later same situation.  It seems this is a software/firmware glitch.  I have found others that asked the same question but never got an response from the Slingbox crew.  That in itself is a problem.  Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you resolve it?