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    Keyboard Mapping - Slingbox M1 Windows Desktop App


      I am trying to use a physical remote control with the Windows Slingbox Desktop app version 5 for use with the Slingbox M1. I am controlling a TiVo Mini.


      I have two main problems:

      1. The app only seems to recognize keyboard equivalents to the onscreen remote when the app is in fullscreen mode.

      2. Some of the keys on the onscreen remote do not correspond to keyboard keys.


      The first problem would not be a big deal, but sometimes I want to use a dual-screen setup on my laptop, with Windows running on the built-in display, and Sling content running on an attached HDTV. The remote will not work in this setup all the time. If the app would accept keystrokes while not in fullscreen mode, this problem would be solved.


      The second problem is a bigger issue. I am using a TiVo bluetooth remote to control the app. Most keys on the remote have normal keyboard equivalents (up, down, left, right, P, R, F, U, etc.) However, a couple of key buttons do not have a normal keyboard mapping, like the TiVo button, the skip back button, and the thumbs buttons. I really need the TiVo button to work (this was mapped as the letter M on the old Sling 2 application) and the skip back button would be great to have. I can live without the thumbs buttons.


      Does anyone know how to change the expected keyboard key in the Sling program? Is there a remote control keyboard map file somewhere, or some other way to modify it? Or does someone know what key the sling app wants for the TiVo button or the thumbs buttons?