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    SlingPlayer with Chromecast and poor streaming quality

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      While I am seeing high quality television streamed to my laptops and iPad (the diagnostics say 4000-5000 kps) and I have port-forwarded TCP port 5001 to my Slingbox as well as verified UPNP, when I cast the stream from my iPad to my Chromecast, the quality of the stream decreases greatly. Other streams to my Chromecast (like Youtube, Hulu, etc) look much better than the Slingbox's. When casting the Slingbox colors are washed out, I see residual blocks from the compression, and text is blurred.


      The Chromecast is not more than 3 ft from the wireless access point it is using. What is required to get Chromecast to stream high quality streams from the Slingbox?


      Give up and use an AppleTV?


      thanks for any advice,