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    Split screen and black and white streaming on Slingbox350




      I have 3 Slingboxes (2 350 and 1 Solo) connected in the same router.

      The streaming coming from the Solo have no problems.

      The streaming coming from the 350s, a lot of times, have a split screen (in any device: Chrome, Internet Explorer, iPhone, iPad) or is in black and white.

      To get a streaming with no split screen I have to exit slingplayer a number of times and login again until I get a perfect screen.

      To get a color screen I just change the channel and the colors come back.


      I know how to get around the issues, but it's a little bit annoying to do it every time. As I mentioned, with the Solo I don't have any problem. Therefore, the issues are related to the Slingboxes 350.

      Their firmware version are 1.5.72 and the 350s updates it automatically.


      I'd appreciate if anyone could help me to solve those issues.



      Bruno Fernandes