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    My ethernet ports are full

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      I recently bought the M1 to view our Uverse DVR recordings on the TV at our rented beach house. The connections seem to be good. We get a good picture on the remote TV but there is a lot of buffering and the HD picture sometimes gets downgraded to SD. Using the simulated remote controller is almost impossible. I'm assuming that this is caused by wireless connections. Let me explain: The Uverse box which the M1 is reading is wireless from the main DVR. The M1 is transmitting via wireless to the router. I'm streaming the signal to my iPad via wireless signal at the destination. I'm sending the signal from my iPad wirelessly to my Apple TV which then displays the signal on the TV. So, 4 wireless connections. I'm thinking this is the primary reason for our slow streaming.

      I'm thinking that if I can mount the M1 on the main DVR itself and hardwire connect to the router that the signal will flow much faster to the beach TV. My problem is that the 4 ports of the router are all occupied so I need to rig up an ethernet switch to gain the additional needed port.

      Sorry for the long run up but my question is: Am I right that if I get the M1 hardwired with the base DVR and the router that I will seriously improve the speed of my signal to the beach TV? And second, if I'm right on the first question what brand of ethernet switch will best serve me when I plug my M1 into it?

      Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.



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          Uverse "main DVR" -wireless-> Uverse remote "box" -> Slingbox M1 -wireless-> router -> Internet -> remote router -wireless-> iPad -wireless-> Apple TV


          You've jumped from problem to solution without testing.  Watch the Slingbox stream on the iPad (i.e. don't stream it to the Apple TV) while at the remote site (I believe you said "the beach").  Is the stream acceptable?

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              I tried to post my reply at Slingbox but was unsuccessful, kept getting error message. Here is the reply I tried to post:


              Thanks for the prompt reply. As soon as I read your message I understood my oversight. I had been putting together the connections at the beach house and checked the iPad alone at the remote location also. I tested, using the iPad here at home and the performance improved dramatically. I still have occasional buffering but it is brief and not distracting. The controller still lags but not like before so it is practical to use when running DVR recordings.

              So, my conclusion is that the wireless hotspot at the beach house is the bad actor in this process. While I could improve the data rate by hard wiring the M1 here at home my inclination is to not bother with my home base transfer rate b/c the remote hotspot will choke it anyway.

              If you see a different solution pls let me know.

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              I was able to mark your response as correct.

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