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    No Sound?

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      I just set up my new SlingBox 350 and it worked great for an hour.  Then the sound got scratchy.  Then the sound disappeared.   I restarted the laptop and then tried viewing on a different computer.  Still no sound.   I unplugged the box and still no sound.  I checked my audio feed from TIVO which is good.  Then I checked the cable, also good.  Then when I checked the Audio out plugs there was no sound.   I have come to the conclusion that the SlingBox 350 is broken because audio gets to it but doesn't get passed through to the out jacks or to the internet feed.   How do I go about getting this box replaced or fixed?

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          Hello CPThack,


               Having audio, and then no audio can be very frustrating. However, Sling Media may be some help to you. If you call our support line , or chat in through our  web site you may be eligible for support. We determine this by your warranty status. Every Slingbox comes with a 1 year warranty. If the warranty is up you can also pay a $29.99 pay per incident fee. That will give you 30 days of support on the issue at hand. We would go through all troubleshooting steps needed. If in warranty we would discuss the possibility of it being replaced, or something needed with the Slingbox to be replaced. Also there are plenty of articles on our support site for "no audio" issues. Hope I have been of some assistance to you.
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