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    Sending audio remote control codes, from remote?



      Is there a way to send the "audio codes" to the Slingbox from remote? (As mentioned below, on Read this first if you have an Issue with the On-Screen Remote Control this does not happend)


      ...."And this includes the situation where the Volume and Mute buttons appear to work. The reason for this is that those codes are never actually sent to the device, they are intercepted by the Slingplayer software and used to control its own volume. So those buttons will always work, even if the remote itself does not."

      If my Samsung SMT-C7160 goes down abrupt, caused by power failure in the house, the volume on the Samsung unit goes down to zero.

      I have no way to turn the volume back on, I need to have some person do so manually with the remote in my home. Not very practial... of course.