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    Slingbox with DVD-Tuner from NA for usage in Europe


      I bought the Slingbox 350 in NA and together with a DVD-Tuner that I received from my cable provider there, I brought them in Europe. Now, here, there is no set-up box. Cable goes directly into the TV for all the programs.


      I understood that the Slingbox will work in Europe as well. However, since there is no set-up box, and the DVD-Tuner is NTSC, I would like to confirm if I would be required to buy a PAL <-> NTSC converter for the DVD-Tuner, and then from this connect the slingbox. If yes, how exactly are the connection suppose to work? Coaxial in DVD-Tuner, color component from DVD-Tuner to Converter, then from converter into Slingbox?


      Thank you