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    password not set


      everytime i start the app on my droid it says password not set and i have reenter my pw and restart the app.  it works great after that but how do i fix this so i don't have to repeat the same steps.

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          eferz Expert

          Go into the Sling Accounts Directory and set & save the connecting password.


          You may have to do this grom the Slingplayer Desktop 2.0 client to save the password to your account.

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              Guitar4Him Newbie

              I'm seeing a similar problem.  I'm running Slingplayer Mobile on a Motorola Droid.  About every fourth or fith time I call up the app I have to enter the password and re-start the app.  Most of the time, it goes in without needing me to enter the password.  I've tried checking or un-checking the "Admin" box, but that doesn't seem to affect it.  I'm also accessing my Slingbox Pro HD from my laptop and I never have to enter the password....only had to do that the very first time I ran the program.  Is there a file I can get to on my Droid (I'm not rooted) that I could delete and have the app to re-create that would keep my password stored?  As I previously stated....it works most of the time without requiring password input.  Occasionally, it requires that and it's annoying.


              BTW....the app works great, both on 3G and WiFi.  The only gripe I have about it (other than the password issue) is that there doesn't seem to be any way to get it to run full screen.  The Droid has such a nice, big, beautiful screen.  It's such a shame not to use all of it.



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                  Guitar4Him Newbie

                  Some things I've learned about the Slingplayer Mobile App (Android) since my last post.


                  The password issue....read my original post to see the issue I was having.  I have figured out how to fix this.....when using the app and wanting to exit the app, don't hit the "Home" button.  Instead hit the "Menu" button and hit "Disconnect".  Then hit the "Home" button.  I've been doing this for about a week now and it hasn't required me to enter the password a single time.  Before this, I exited the program by hitting the "Home" key.  Apparently, this causes the app to lose the stored password....at least sometimes.


                  Since I made the original post, I've changed my Slingbox setup.  Originally, I was using the tuner in the Slingbox Pro HD and was only accessing the lowband cable channels (3 - 77).  The image only filled about 75% of the screen.  A couple of weeks ago, I added an HD-DVR to my setup.  Now, when I access my Slingbox, I'm accessing the HD cable channels.  Voila!  The image now fills the screen.  It's really nice....a big improvement.  I've even got Picture-In-Picture now!

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                I am having the same issue. I just got the slingbox solo and the droid app. when I enter the password and restart the app it works great. serious cool factor on an already awesome phone. I dont have the desktop set up on my computer yet, my internet explorer isnt working on my pc right now. Is there anyway I can set the password from my droid?