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    Low bitrate on Mac only


      I have 2 Slingbox 500 units. Both are connected via WiFi to my router/AP. My uploads are normally 3.5Mbps or better.

      When connecting via PC or android tablet I have bitrate consistently over 1000kbps, and often 2000 or better.


      But, when using a Macbook pro the speeds will initially be 1000kbps or better but will drop to 256kbps and stay there after a few minutes.

      Bandwith capacity shows Excellent

      I tried with both Safari & Chrome. No difference.

      Doesn't matter which slingbox I connect to.

      Doesn't matter if 1 or both slingbox are streaming at the same time.


      Computers and tablets tested at several locations with the same result.

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          I am having the same problem. I recently purchased and installed the Slingbox 500. I am currently at a friends house where there are two Mac computers (my macbook air and a mac mini) and one Windows 8 machine. All machines meet the minimum  requirements for the Slingbox 500 HD quality. When we connect the Mac mini or Macbook air we notice the bitrate drops off as described by Mike Schaefer. When we connect the Windows 8 machine (same wifi network) it works flawlessly. I previously owned the Slingbox PRO and never had a problem with my Apple computers. Also, the Macbook Air is running on Yosemite (OS 10.10) and the Mac mini is running Mavericks (10.9). I've tried using both Safari and Firefox. I've also deleted and reinstalled the Slingplayer plugin.

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              ferguspa Apprentice

              Try manually setting the stream quality--starting with "Best HD" and working your way down to lesser video qualities:


              Slingbox Support - Troubleshooting choppy video in Watch on Slingbox.com


              My experience on some Macs is that the SlingPlayer browser plugin (for Watch on Slingbox.com) and the (new) Slingplayer for Mac do a poor job determining whether the computer can handle the current video stream.  When set to "Auto" quality, one of my Macs tries valiantly to stream at "Best HD", and the video and audio fall out of sync fairly quickly.  Then the video becomes choppy.


              Other browsers may perform better/differently as well (there's the option of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on OS X).

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                  Thank you for taking time to reply to my post.


                  I attempted your suggestion on all three browsers for OS X and read the article on Troubleshooting choppy video. None of this solved the problem. When I start the SlingPlayer on any of the browsers, the bandwidth either starts at an acceptable level for HD or increases to an acceptable level. At that point it almost immediately starts decreasing and finally settles in at 250 kbps.


                  I am using the same equipment and network that I had when the Slingbox PRO was installed. I purchased the Slingbox 500 because I needed the HDMI connection for a new TV. At this time it appears to be only a problem with Mac computers. The Windows 8 machine in the same environment works perfectly.

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                I'm having the same issue. Windows machines and mobile devices will maintain sufficient bitrate but my MacBook Air will start fine, climb to around 2000 and then quickly drop to around 250 and stay there. This occurs on the same network. My MacBook worked fine until sometime last fall around the time when I upgraded to Yosemite. Oddly enough, it changed shortly before the upgrade.  All browsers are affected (Safari, Firefox and Chrome Slingplayer).

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                  I don't have any Windows PC but I have probably same problem with my MacBook Pro and my another Macbook. Before, I constantly had 1200k - 1500kbps but since around 2 months, the bit rate became very unstable, and dropped to around 250kbps.


                  Please help!

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                      I found that when I use the old sling player application for Mac, the bit rate increased over 2000kbps which I never reached. (but unfortunately this player can give only 640 x 480...)

                      Then, I also tried with different browsers, Firefox did not change from Safari but Chrome gave me much better result.


                      It seems a problem of the plug-in (Safari and Firefox)