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    Does My Slingbox PRO HD Need To Be Replaced?

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      This morning I tried to connect to my Slingbox PRO HD via my Android Nexus 7 tablet.  It displays the message "Invalid password  Incorrect Slingbox password.  Please enter the correct password to connect."  When I try to connect via a personal computer running Windows 7, there is no longer a Slingbox shown in the Directory.  I reset the PRO HD, but it didn't seem to change anything.  I have read that the power adapter can be a culprit.  I am still getting lights displayed.  Could the power supply still be a culprit?  Do they sometimes simply not provide enough power?


      Also, if I decide to place it, should I consider a new old stock from Amazon for $99.99 or should I look at a newer one?  Are the newer ones more reliable?  I have seen the Slingbox M1 at my local Wal-Mart for $149.99.  I have also seen the Slingbox 350 on sale at Best Buy for $99.99.  The Slingbox 500/Sling TV is $249.99.