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    no video or audio on vista machine



      Just started having problems on a vista machine after I reset my internet settings on IE9 and firefox.


      It appears that I'm connected and if I hover over the wifi looking antenna thing it shows a bitrate and says its streaming, but there is no video or audio. There is no message that says "no video" it just doesn't work. Also, the remote pops up like normal.


      I'm not having any of this problem on a windows machine running TP (technical preview) right next to the vista machine, very strange.


      I'm sure there's a simple explanation for what is going wrong, anyone have any ideas?




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            Thanks for the info and link. Is this new? I could have sworn as recently as a few weeks ago this machine with Vista would work, am I imagining that?



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                ferguspa Apprentice

                Vista has been listed as unsupported for at least a few months.  Usually the following is true:


                - Sling Inc. supports operating systems of the most current and the immediately previous OS.  This has been true for a few years, especially as the release cadence of OS X (for example) speeds up.  Currently Watch on Slingbox.com only supports OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" and OS X 10.9 "Mavericks"--very similarly, it only supports Windows 8 and Windows 7

                - Once support is dropped for an OS, the plugin will continue to work for a time until Sling updates the plugin and it is not compatible.  I don't know if Sling Inc. builds in checks to disable older OS'es or if it just stops working, but the plugin stops working


                The second point above has played out over and over for OS X.  It's part of the reason that people want standalone SlingPlayer software, so they can continue to use their Slingbox past the point where Sling Inc. says the Slingbox isn't viable any more--certainly the SlingPlayer for Mac OS X software still works in OS X 10.10 (although it now has issues with full screen support).

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              youtube works fine, other videos play on the computer too, I think java, and flash are updated and enabled if that matters


              eventually I get an error code w202 if I let the slingbox just sit


              this is so strange,


              my sling app on android is working fine, and again a different windows computer works just fine