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    Verizon ActionTec MI424WR-GEN3 Router Issues

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      I have 2 Slingbox HD Pros which have worked flawlessly for nearly 3 years.  Verizon recently upgraded my router to the above model, and so I performed factory resets on the 2 boxes.  Now they work just fine on my internal network (PC and WD Media players) but will not work on iPad or iPhone apps connected to the same network.  I set both boxes up for port forwarding, and assigned each box a unique port.  I used the Slingbox site to test the internet connectivity on each box.  As soon as each box received a positive result, neither box could get a connection on my internal network.  No internet connection was available either.  I removed port forwarding on one of the boxes, and it was once again able to be connected and viewed on the internal network.  I played around back and forth and essentially, whenever port forwarding was enabled, I could no longer connect to the Slingbox.  Removing the port forwarding restored the connection, but then my box was not configured for internet viewing.  I called Slingbox support and they confirmed that all tests on their end were showing correct configuration of both boxes.  I have now placed one of the boxes in the DMZ.  It passes the Slingbox internet viewing connectivity test and, unlike before, I can now still view it on my internal network.  I can not, however, access the box from my Apple apps, nor will a PC outside of my network allow me to connect to it either.  It thinks about it for a while, but ultimately can not establish a connection.  Has anyone else had a similar problem?  I changed the firewall settings on the router to minimum, but it didn't make any difference.  This is my second GEN3 router.  I persuaded Verizon to take the first one back because it may be faulty, but this one has exactly the same issues.  Does anyone think that there may be a basic incompatibility issue between the Slingbox and this model router?  I have tried everything and am running out of ideas.  Thanks.