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    Digital TV Tuner


      TV channels in Athens Greece are now broadcasting in Digital there is no option form digital tuner when selecting Greece but even in the analong version the Greece doesn't produce good quality picture or sound I'm using Germany as a country and has rectified the analong problem but I'm unable to watch the digital broadcast I can search under selecting Germany it finds the channels but their is no Audio or Video

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          eferz Expert

          I believe only the Slingbox Pro-HD has a hybrid digital/analog tuner which support ATSC and clear QAM signals.


          Unless you're using a Slingbox Pro from UK, which I understand has a digital feeview tuner built-in.

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              I have a Slingbox pro HD from UK, the slingbox is now in Denmark.

              Its conectet to danish cabel tv, digital and analog signal.

              But the tuner only can tune the analog canals, the cabel provider www.yousee.dk says du need a DVB-C tuner?

              Are there not a DVB-C tuner in my Slingbox ?


              The quality is not impressing on the analog signal.

              Bitrate 300-500 Kbit




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              Thanks guys I got mine locally here in Geece it had French writting on the box so I'm guessing it was from France

              it has a DVB-T but I'm guessing its not mpeg4 compatible  or it needs a firmware update

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                I also just bought a Slingbox PRO HD for use in Greece.


                The only way I can get sound on the analog channels is if I setup the country as 'Germany'.


                Then, I can find channels both under analog and digital antenna source.


                But then again, under the digital antenna choice, I have no sound on ET1, NET, ET3.


                I think the reason is that the above channels are broadcasting in MPEG2 contrary to MPEG4 for the rest and the digital tuner is not aware of it.


                I have reverted back to the analog choice.

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                    Still no audio for some of the Digital Channels in Greece (ERT, NET, etc).

                    Some of them work fine though (MEGA, ANT1, etc)


                    I was hoping that sling media would do something about this by now

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                        I opened a ticket with Sling Media in the UK for the digital TV channels in Greece.

                        It seems that Greece is not a primary area of focus for them so I don't know how soon they will update the firmware settings.


                        Feel free to call them and open a ticket. It might help.

                        Sling Media Support UK: +44 (020) 7294 0157


                        They will ask you for the frequencies of the digital channels without sound.


                        The frequencies that I think should be added are:


                        Channel Name  Slingbox Channel #          Frequencies

                        ET1                               19                   719MHz  -52 (UHF)

                        NET                               16                  719MHz  -52 (UHF)

                        ET3                                21                  719MHz  -52 (UHF)

                        ERT HD                          23                  719MHz  -52 (UHF)


                        I found this information on this page: