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    No video and garbled audio on SlingBox HD with Fios Quantum

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      I just upgraded from Fios to the Arris Quantum hardware and can no longer get any video signal at all, and the audio is very garbled, doesn't sound like whats on the TV at all.


      I have read up all I could find and set the Arris client box output to both 1080i and 720p, neither of which made a difference.


      I initially had it hooked up to the VMS server and was able to get audio, but no video. I have it connected with component cables, while the TV is connected with HDMI. I also tried disconnecting the HDMI cables to no avail as well.


      I really don't want to have to upgrade to new sling box, I just went from the Solo to the HD box this fall. Been very happy with it.


      Please let me know if there is a way to make this work. Thanks