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    Chromecast cannot connect to Sling

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      I am able to see the chromecast from a sling app on the ipad3.  When I try to cast to it, however, the slinplayer comes up on the TV and it says connecting, but never does and eventually just times out.  The sling app says "Session has unexpectedly closed".  I have other apps working on chromecast OK.  I also have sling app working OK on the ipad.  I have a M1 slingbox.  I find it hard to believe I am the only one having an issue.


      I am an IT professional and have tried EVERYTHING I can think of to troubleshoot.   Anyone have any insight ? Ideas ?

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          No answer but same issue using IPad 2 with Sling box 350. It worked fine a few weeks ago, but no more. Now it just times out after a minute or two of the spinning wheel and  "Session has unexpectedly closed" appears and kicks back to displaying on the iPad.

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              OK, i got mine to work by removing app from ipad and re-adding it.  I am guessing that could clear our some config files or something.


              Now, for me, I cannot conncet to Roku.  Just says "No Roku found at this ip address".  Again, another issue with no answer...


              I will say, I see MUCH better connectivity performance on my laptop.   Using chromecast - just not getting great performance on it.

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              I could never get mine to work, even after removing the app and re-adding it. I even tried it with 2 Chromecasts on an iPad and an iPhone. What iPad are you using? I'm out of the country, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.


              I just called Slingbox and they said I need to set up port forwarding, which makes no sense because I can stream just fine already. The picture on my laptop is great, but the Chromecast just won't connect.

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                  So, mine was an ipad3 running latest ios.


                  Did you confirm that other apps can cast to chromecast ?  I assume you did.


                  This notion of port forwarding they mention in some tech notes makes little sense because in no technical note do they elaborate on WHICH PORT NEEDS TO BE FORWARDED.   There are no specific networking instructions anywhere on Sling's site that elaborates on this in any meaningful way.  The purpose of forwarding a port would be if the external sling cloud was attempting to hit the external ip address of the destination viewing network.  This is likely not the case as the sling app pulling data ; its not being pushed in.  So, I do not get exactly what they are getting at...This seems like a tech support "cop out" with no meaning.