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    Are there generic or alternate remotes for cable boxes?

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      I have a Motorola DCT2524 cable box but the cable company supplied remote is a PHAZR-5 by Universal Remote Control Inc.  While the slingbox remote allows me to change channels and see the program guide, it does not have a volume control like the PHAZR-5 and if I use the power button on the slingbox remote, I can't turn the cable box back on again from a remote location.  I found this out the hard way when I was out of town.  The volume control is important because if the cable box volume is low when I am out of town, the volume level on the remote TV can't overcome the deficiency from the cable box.

      Is there a generic or alternate remote for my cable box that will emulate the PHAZR-5 and how do I select it?

      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello Spencer,


          The Motorola DCT2524 would probably be compatible with the Motorola DCT3400 selection. If this doesn't work, I would recommend trying some of the other "DCT" options in the list.


          Hope this helps!



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              alanrichey42 Master

              Not sure why the moderator suggested an alternative remote when you say you already have a working one,  Basically you can never 'officially' use the Volume Control.  In their wisdom Sling decided to 'hijack' the Volume Controls and use them to control the volume on the Slingplayer itself.  The codes are never sent to the cable box.   Your only solution would be for me to build you a Custom Control that maps the Volume commands onto some other buttons to 'cheat' the player into letting them through.  Let me know if you are interested.

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                  ferguspa Apprentice

                  Interesting--the DCT2524 has analog audio output with a variable level (page 29, under "No sound").  Usually the volume is determined by the device that's actually firing the speakers (for most people this is the TV, for some people it's an audio receiver).  Could you (Spencer) reconfigure your PHAZR-5 remote to control the TV's volume by controlling the TV's actual volume control?  Then this wouldn't be an issue.

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                      Thanks for your email.  I'm not sure of any way to reconfigure the

                      PHAZR-5 to control the TV volume.  Of course I have to admit that I'm

                      not real sharp on these things.  There appear to be two separate volumes

                      involved the one on the Motorola cable box and the one on the TV.  Since

                      we use the PHAZR-5 to control the cable box we generally have the TV

                      volume set at a constant level and adjust the volume as needed.  Where

                      the problem occurs is when we use the PHAZR-5 to turn the volume low and

                      then go to our 2nd home and try to watch TV via slingbox.  The slingbox

                      remote will not adjust the low volume and if it is real low, it is

                      difficult to compensate for in our second home viewing.  The key to the

                      problem may be learning to check the cable box volume level before we go



                      Thanks again for reaching out.

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                      Thanks for getting back to me.  I did indeed look at several other

                      remotes and as you pointed out, they have no effect on the volume. I

                      appreciate your offer to build a "custom Control" and will keep that in

                      mind as I decide how to manage the situation.  I am using slingbox to

                      view at a second home ( 250 miles from the slingbox) via a samsung

                      tablet to a TV.  It appears that the cable box acts in some compacity as

                      a pre-amp because when the level on the cable box (which does show on

                      the primary location tv screen) is low, it is difficult to get enough

                      amplification via the tv remote at either the primary location or the

                      second home.  Since we use the cable box remote to change channels and

                      asjust the volume (rather than the TV remote) we sometimes leave the

                      volume low and only find out when we are at our second home and can't

                      adjust the cable box.


                      Much to my embarrassment I did resolve my other issue with the slingbox

                      remote power button being able to turn off but not turn on the cable

                      box.  I remembered that when I installed the slingbox I couldn't reach

                      the wall receptacle so I plugged it into the back of the cable box.  I

                      found today that the receptacle on the cable box is switched.  When I

                      killed the cable box power via the slingbox remote, I also killed the

                      slingbox power and there was no longer a live slingbox looking for a

                      command to turn on the cable box.  I will now move the dresser and use

                      the wall receptacle.


                      Again thanks for your offer and I will likely be in touch soon.