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    Solo with latest 2.1.270 Buffering constant and only getting 200-400kps bitrate


      I have a Slingbox Solo with a S-Video source and the latest firmware 2.1.270.


      On my local network I get like 2mps+ bitrate on my smartphone slingplayer app or desktop windows player app (cablevision internet)


      If I turn off wifi on my smartphone, the bitrate drops to 200-400kps!


      And when I try to run a Roku 2 slingplayer app, it pauses and buffers like every 30 seconds!


      Here is the results when I run speedtest.net on my PC and the speedtest.net app on my Samsung Galaxy S4:


      Desktop PC:

           Download: 40Mps

           Up: 30Mps



      AT&T Wireless LTE

           Download: 15Mps

           Up: 10mps

           Ping: 50ms


      So, if the "upstream" from my solo out onto the internet using cablevision is 30+Mps, and the "download" from the internet into my smartphone is 15Mps, then what the **** is causing the buffering and really low bitrate???