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    Commercials, UGH!!!!

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      I'd like to convey my total disgust with what's happening with the Slingplayer plug-in.  FIRST a banner is embedded with advertising for companies, some specifically targeted, and now every time I go to access my Slingbox, I am forced to watch commercials.  This is ******* me off because I PURCHASED my Slingbox and have the right to access it without interference.  Slingbox should be available with a standalone app that allows one to access it directly without interference or if the Slingbox website is having problems, it does not interrupt service.  To my knowledge there is nothing to complete with Slingbox or I'd be looking at replacing it!!!!  If you agree with my objection to being subjected to these commercials, please join me in voicing your opinion to the Slingbox people.  Thanks in advance for your support!!

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          This is something I noticed only during the past 2 weeks or so, today for the first time a commercial stream before I acces my Slingbox.


          WTF is this? Without notice, without anything about this when I bought the Slingbox. This is my 4th Slingbox (as I have set up a few for my colleagues), but also be the last when this is a new type of -indeed DISGUSTING- policy of Slingbox.


          Why Slingbox not react on this post?