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    Slingplayer for Windows Phone problems

    victorypoint Newbie

      Hi folks. I recently purchased Slingplayer for Windows Phone to run on my HTC 8S running Windows Mobile 8.0. It connects to my Slingbox Solo just fine and I can view the current channel on my cablebox but several features in the app appear to be greyed-out and missing such as the Guide, PVR functions, Auto Quality, Aspect change, Casting to Roku, and IR controls (change channel up/down and by number, etc).

      Can anyone confirm if these features are truely missing or broken in the current version (1.8.301.0) of Slingplayer for Windows Phone? In contrast, I can confirm that all features of Slingplayer for iPhone work fine with my Slingbox Solo (guide, PVR, channels, etc). The Slingplayer for Windows Phone product page states that Slingbox Solo is a compatible device and Windows Phone 8.0 is also compatible - so I'm really confused. I hope they're not falsely advertising the features of the Windows Phone app while charging full price.

      Any help resolving this issue is greatly appreciated.