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    Terrible performance on connected devices and iPad - please help!

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      I am a long time sling customer and user, but am experiencing problems.

      Please reply to advise if port forwarding can correct the issue described below or if I should be looking for a different solution.


      I have a slingbox pro-hd physically connected to my router at my home.

      While away from home viewing on slingplayer desktop on a PC/laptop works fine, but from connected devices is terrible.

      I have attempted using the same remote connection with a laptop, Sony NSZ-GS8, Roku, and iPad - the only acceptable player result is on the laptop using the old slingplayer software.


      Here are the connection results from the Sony Google TV device (which is hardwired to router) that is located at the remote (vacation home) site:

      Internet to slingplayer 14.98 Mbps

      Slingbox to slingplayer 578 Kbps


      Internet connection upload and download from both home and remote locations is at or above 5 Mbps at all times.

      Purchased rates at slingbox (home) location are 25Mbps download and 15Mbps upload.

      Purchased rates at remote (vacation house) location are 10Mbs download and 10Mbps upload.

      Speedtest results confirm that none of the connections are ever below 5 Mbps.



      1. Will Port Forwarding correct this problem?

      2. Why the vast difference in slingplayer on the laptop and all other forms of access?

      3. If I have over 5 Mpbs everywhere and the slingbox and Sony GTV device are both connected via Ethernet cables, why only 578 kbps for "Slingbox to slingplayer" on that test?


      if I can get this corrected I plan to add a second slingbox ... which will lead to a second question about port settings for that device.


      Thanks for your help!

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          sakisson Novice

          HI, can you please test if the port 5001 for slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD is open or either port 5201 for 350 and newest models is open within the firewall of your router ?

          Just click on this link http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ from a device connected on the same router where your slingbox is and test the appropriate port

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                callanish Apprentice

                Frankly, I just think that sling's connected devices ( outside of the excellent slingcatcher ) were a failure and they just gave up on them to the point where there's no longer a connected device forum to go to. All the connected devices I've tried, and I've tried them all, seem to have bandwidth and stability issues when using them remotely to connect to your slingbox. Doesn't matter if you're running TCP port forwarding or not. In fact, there is no way to get a SNATT protocol from any connected device; you'll always get a relay stream which provides a less than stellar stream speed. I turn off port forwarding with my setup in order to get Snatt running on my laptop and Intel NUC. With Snatt running, I can achieve an average of around a 2mb stream remotely using a slingbox that's 5000 miles away. Change it back to TCP and I'm lucky if I'm hitting a 1 mb stream, and this is from an ISP with an upload of 12mb's from the slingbox end and a 100mb connection on the receiving end. Whether it's using my wdtv live box or sony gs7 and gs8 boxes to connect to my two slingbox's overseas, the relay protocol that they're using on any connected device are giving me between a 700 to 800 kbps stream. Just enough to get a 640 x 240 resolution out of it. Overall, pretty pathetic considering the bandwidth I have to play with. These connected devices were never optimized for remote streaming thus sling giving up on them and the remote control delay was just unacceptable. It's funny that my fire tv stick uses the same User interface slingplayer app with the same streaming speeds as the other connected boxes i own with the same issues.


                I Kind of gave up on all of these connected devices for slingbox streaming. Overall I just wasn't happy with the speed or picture quality. I switched to the Intel NUC with a wireless usb keyboard running windows 7 and connected to my big screen tv. I'm getting the best speeds and best picture quality using this option. As far as I'm concerned, all these connected devices that have been abandoned and the one's that sling continue to support aren't worth the aggravation. In the case of the Amazon fire stick, being that it's so small, it works if you just need to stream using the slingplayer app on it for a short term portable solution, but if need something permanently to use your slingbox remotely connected to a home tv, I'd suggest investing in something like the Intel NUC giving the sling stream stability, speed and very little remote delay which is obviously a huge problem with all these connected devices running a remote connection.