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    My Sling Player account

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      I have a sling player account, for many years.  I have it on my android phone, my laptop, my Kindle fire and my home computer.  I just purchased a  Android tablet.  Is ther a way for me to receive Sling on the new tablet without having to purchase Android for Tablet @ $14.99???

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          No.  In Sling Inc.'s view apps that are for different platforms consume different development time and therefore each cost an additional $15-ish.

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            Matt.Sling Apprentice


            Please note that you can extend your registration for SlingPlayer for Android Phones to an Android tablet if you're okay with the smaller resolution. However, SlingPlayer for Android Tablets does not run on an Android phone. SlingPlayer for Android Tablets is custom built to take advantage of the larger, higher-resolution screen, has a tablet-optimized interface, and provides a much better viewing experience on your tablet.