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    Motorola VIP 1960 remote




      I have a plea to Alan, or who ever have the same eqipment.


      First my setup. i've got two settop boxes connected to two Slingbox Solos. The first one is a Motorola VIP 1910 and the second is a Motorola VIP 1960. The firsts remote works fine. The second doesn't have any files that works in the setup assistent, so i have tried betaremotes.com, and have made a remote that almost works, the only thing that doesn't is the ability to change channels from say 3 to 23 then i end up in 3, it fires the remote too slow so it changes first to 2 the to 3. So "Favorites", thats the main problem, doesn't work either, it's doing the same thing. It doesn't matter whether i chose fast, medium or slow in setup assistent for how fast i hit the bottoms. I have reported this to Sling but haven't received any replies, months ago.


      So here's my plea! I know the Motorola VIP 1960 is in the Logitech Harmony database, would one of you please try to make a remote for this device.


      Thanks in advance

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Afraid I can't.   When I try to learn the codes for the 1960 it comes with unknown protocol.


          But I doubt ti would help anyway as, unlike in the Harmony Remote where we have full control over settings like the repeat & inter-key delay etc, with the Sling system the ONLY thing we can control is the IR Code that is sent (Although I may be wrong, I have been before )  All the other settings are fixed by Sling and not user-adjustable.


          I would have thought the 1910 and 1960 would use the same codes.  Have tried that ?

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              Yes, you are right, the regular codes are the same, but the DVR functionality (Motorola VIP 1960 has a harddisc) are not supported with this file:


              Viasat Kreatel 1510 IPTV (Cable box)


              Therefore i had to make my own remote in betaremotes.com, and got what i wanted but unfortunately lost the ability to shift to two ciphered channels, off cause i can use the menu.


              Anyway thanks for your try !