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    M1 Built-In Wi-Fi


      I currently own a SligBox Pro and am considering upgrading via one of the recent offers (350 or M1). The 350 offer intrigues as it is offering 50% off (assuming due to 350 being phased out). However, the built-in wi-fi of the M1 has me wondering.


      One of my issues with my current remote viewing deals with the fact that I need to use a wireless "bridge" network adapter as the SlingBox is down at the main TV while the wireless modem is up in the computer room. My original SlingLink crapped out as did a replacement so I am now using Poweline adapters via electric outlets. This works fine except that it will tend to really slow down and freeze remote viewing (mainly at a vacation home using wireless broadband) as the outlet bridge experiences some interference from time to time.


      So my question - does anyone have any comment on whether the fact that M1 has built-in wi-fi will allow me to abandon the wireless bridge (that I would still need for the 350) and provide more consistent remote viewing?





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          sakisson Novice

          few questions if your wifi bridge adapters at home have bad wifi connection -> poor wifi signal then what ever device you will connect to it, you will get the same issue within your network or out of it so first try to connect within your network to your slingbox PRO and check if the connection remain stable and the bit-rates are high > if yes then whatever devise you will get, the connection will be good with your router - if the wifi signal in the area is weak - bad signal - low bit-rate then the M1 might give you the same problem as both ( bridge and M1 ) will be connected wifi