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    The SlingCatcher repeately restarts after System Recovery




      When I start my SlingCatcher it starts with this message(1st picture):


      "System recovery

      You are seeing this screen because SlingCatcher encountered a problem, or you pressed the Reset button for 5 seconds.

      This process will restore SlingCatcher to its factory default settings.

      SlingCatcher will now connect to your home network and download the most recent software.

      Press OK on your remote control to start the System Recovery."


      After I press OK, this next message apears(2nd picture):


      "SlingCatcher wil now connect to your home network.

      Connecting to your home network, please wait...."


      THis takes about ten seconds and then the last message apears(3rd picture):


      "Recovery completed. SlingCatcher will now restart to complete the System Recovery."


      After the restart the 1st picture and message apears again. There are no problems with the home network. I have the same problem another place, with a different SlingCatcher.


      I am a reseller of SlingMedia, so I would like to get this probelm solved as quickly as possible.


      What could be the problem here?