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    Cisco ISB7005 hangs


      I have a Slingbox M1 connected to an AT&T UVerse Cisco ISB7005 wireless set top box. I've had the AT&T box for a couple years, no problems. About a week after running great with Slingbox, the Cisco cable box froze - all lights on solid on front, no response. Hard rebooting didn't seem to fix it - came up with the red X which means it's done for. AT&T sent me a new one, installed it, and it ran fine for about 3 days, then same thing happened. AT&T tech came and replaced it with a third one. So far its been running for about a week and a half OK.I cant really see how the Slingbox could possible cause the cable box to go bad when its just connected to its output, but seems awfully coincidental that I've gone through two new boxes after I started using Slingbox, but it ran fine for a couple of years prior. Is this just coincidence, or is it remotely possible that Slingbox could somehow be doing something to corrupt the cable box? Both are wireless connected. They aren't sitting on top of each other or anything, so not a heat build up issue..

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          Hello jrose,


               It shouldn't be possible for a Slingbox to effect the cablebox in such a way. The Slingbox being connected to the output of the cablebox, would not impact anything in the cablebox other than changing the channel in the same way the physical remote would.




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