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    Slingbox 500- No sound while playing gallery content

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      I have a Slingbox 500 and everything seems to be working with the exception of audio when playing content from the gallery.  I am currently using the audio out port on the back of the Slingbox which goes into my receiver.  I do hear sound while watching tv, so this lets me know that the input/output audio ports are working correctly on the Slingbox itself.  When I select content from the gallery on the actual Slingbox itself, the content will load and the video will play on my TV, but there will be no audio.  The audio is still playing from the tv broadcast.  When selecting gallery content should this override the sound from the tv broadcast and switch it to the audio from the gallery video?  Or is there another way that I would be getting sound associated with the video that's playing from the gallery?  I have tried every audio cable combination and I'm running the latest version of firmware on my Slingbox.  I'm at a loss as to why I have no audio while selecting gallery content.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.