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    Generic Remote

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      Mike:  Thanks for your reply.  The remote I have configured works as expected.  It’s just that the buttons are really tiny making it difficult to use.  What I’m trying to do is to make a stripped-down version with only the buttons I usually need.  If I’m missing a button then I can always use switch back to the remote that matches my Motorola DVR.  Couldn’t I just Photoshop a “remote” with the buttons I want?  Also, not sure if I can easily switch between remote skins.

      I understand what you are trying to do.  The ultimate would be to use a Roku Remote I guess (although the are no number buttons) ?  Having said that, if you look at the realsitic images at Skin.toc - Sling Media Slingbox Wiki you will see that the default image actually has larger buttons than any other remote image.


      You used to be able to design your own remote but Sling removed that option a few years back.    We need enough people complaining about it to make Sling bring it back (or at least explain to me how it works so I can build the tools.


      And you can't easily switch images, I can produce you a Custom Remote with the correct IR codes for the Motorola DVR but linked to a smaller remote image.  And we can put all the other buttons on the Custom list so they would be available if you right-clicked.