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    # not working on the virtual keyboard

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      I recently got a new router and the wireless password has the # symbol in it.  The slingbox 500 virtual keyboard has the symbol but its not registering when i press the button to input it.   Every other symbol and letter works.  What's going on?  Help would be greatly appreciated.

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          We had a similar problem.  We installed a new router that worked great on all of our other network products but not our Slingbox 500.  Per their instructions re reset (and reset and reset and reset).  It was a pain but what made it even worse was at the end of the laborious multiple reentering of all of our data the system would not accept the "#" symbol that we had been using for the past year in our password.  Finally we set up a new account without the "#" in our new password,  Now the only problem is that no matter what DVR we tell it we have the onscreen remote will not work.  Since you have not had a response to your original December 12th question I guess I should not hold my breath expecting and answer from Slingbox.

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            ferguspa Apprentice

            Workaround--try typing the password somewhere else (e.g. the "Notes" app), copying the password, and pasting the password into the field.

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              Anyone ever get a fix for this.. I am having same issues... Thanks :O)