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    Does sling 500 component input support 1080p?


      I have managed to decrypt the HDCP stream from my cable TV provider (2015 STB model that DOES NOT HAVE component video outputs) and the result is a clear 1080p picture on Slingbox 500.  Audio works perfectly if I route through a matrix switch EDID that dumbs down the audio to 2 channels instead of 5.1 channel.  Problem is, when I do this, my home theaters all get stuck at 2 channel audio as well.


      I see a few potential options for the audio stream and am wondering what is recommended?


      1) Use a converter box that converts the decrypted HDCP HDMI 1080p video to component video and L/R audio.  My issue with this is twofold:

           a) What does a 5.1 -> 2chan decrypter do with the center channel in a 5.1 setup?  The center is the most important for voices and if it just splits the L/R 5.1 channels the audio to slingbox will suck.

           b) Does sling 500 support 1080p to its component input, or only 1080i?  The new 2015 STB outputs full 1080p on all streams (not 1080i like the 2014 model).


      2) Get a fulltime EDID switch that can decrypt and separate a 5.1 channel signal separately from a 2 channel signal while infusing the center channel half/half into the left and right channels, force the STB to 1080i and output to component?


      Please help.