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    Slingcatcher Crashing Every Slingbox Pro HD




      I have two Slingcatchers and tested two Slingbox Pro-HDs with it. The Slingbox Pro-HD I use normally works fine when connected through the computer, it doesn't crash. However through the Slingcatcher, it works for about 5 mins and the picture freezes and after a number of freezes, the Slingbox Pro-HD crashes, I have tried this with another Slingcatcher and I have the same problem, and it also crashes other SB Pro HDs, but the Slingbox Pros do not crash. Furthermore it doesn't matter whether the resolution is at the lowest or up to HD, SB Pro HDs always crash through my slingcatchers What's up? Is it a bug with the Software? Has anybody else had this issue?




      Will G


      SB Pro HD: Upstream 5 Megabit

      Slingcatchers: Downstream: 2 Megabit




      There hasn't been any software updates for the slingcatchers for over a year, is sling media going to release any more updates?

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          Hey Griff,


          I'm having the same issue.  Did you hear back from Sling with an answer?  Or did you happen to figure out what was causing it?  Dying to know myself.





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            carlosarze Newbie

            Hi Griffwolf


            Look I was having the same issue with my ProHD Overseas and My Catcher

            Crashing all the time after a random number of minutes or sometimes hours

            So i decided to RMA the SlingboxProHD since the Catcher was working fine

            With my Slingbox Pro.


            So i brought the SlingboxProHD to the United States and RMA it

            Tested the new Slingbox and it was working fine with the catcher

            Tested for over 12 hours straight with no problem with remote streaming

            So i decided to send again the ProHD overseas and the problem restarted

            Crashing all the time while streaming only with the ProHD.


            So I am thinking it should be something in the network configuration

            Maybe the latency ore something tried different routers different setups

            But nothing.


            I even tested with another PRO HD here in the United States and it works

            Fine ... but overseas PRO HD with Slingcatcher crashes all the time.


            What’s your setup where is your equipment located?



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              if one doesn't try HD, does it work then ?