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    Browser player crashes, but Android app works fine - why?

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      New problem as of 12/8/14.


      I usually run my Slingbox Pro-HD through the desktop player in IE (v11.0.14) on my laptop (Windows 8.1 Pro, Intel Cor i3 CPI M 380 @ 2.53 GHz; 4.0 GB RAM), 64-bit OS).

      As of Monday, Slingbox starts up normal, plays audio/video for approximately 30 seconds, then screen goes black, A/V cease transmitting. Reloading IE, closing/opening, opening Chrome (v39.0), opening IE or Chrome on separate laptop - all give same result. Black screen, no A/V. However, when I open the SlingPlayer App on my Android (Galaxy S5, v2.10.1), it works fine - A/V transmit immediately, signal works fine for  at least 60 minutes.

      If, after watching on phone app, I attempt to start viewing on browser, it will work initially, then after about 30 seconds, goes to black screen, with no A/V.

      This behavior is repeatable. But I can't figure out how to make desktop browser work consistently (greater than 30 seconds).


      I'm baffled.


      No (known) downloads, updates, newly installed programs, etc. in recent days that I can recall. [Perhaps an automatic windows/IE update?]