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    Slingbox no longer working with WDTVLive

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      At one time, the WDTVLive worked perfectly with Slingbox, but now, we get the following message after a few minutes -- over and over and over.


      "Connection Lost

      Unable to connect to Slingbox. Please check that your Slingbox is on and connected to the network. Then try again. (code:25)"


      Nothing has changed in our setup or physical situation from before when it worked perfectly.


      We are still able to watch our Slingbox from both our Galaxy S2, S3 and S5 phones as well as our first generation Galaxy Tablet and of course both our Windows laptops. Also, it works with our Roku in conjunction with any one of our phones. In other words, we're able to use our Slingbox normally from every other device possible.


      All other functions of the WD TV Live continue to be nominal. It's fantastic playing files from USB, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. I'm able to play files that are on my laptop without having to copy them to USB first. In other words, it's great -- except for this one issue.


      Any ideas?