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    Bad experience years ago - Has it changed?

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      I purchased one of the old slingboxes many years ago and followed-up with a purchase of the mobile app which was another $29.99 at the time.  I loved the ability to watch and control my TV from almost anywhere.  One day the mobile app stopped working with my slingbox and said that model was no longer supported in the mobile app.  The $30 I spent was now wasted and the value I received from the slingbox was greatly reduced and I actually did not have it very long.  I viewed this as a slap in the face and a way just to force me to buy more expensive hardware so I disconnected the slingbox, put it in my closet, and forgot about it.


      Today, I received an email regarding a sale on one of the new slingboxes.  I am not sure I'll ever buy another one based on my previous experience because of what happened to me previously.  Thoughts?  Any ideas as to whether the same thing will happen again?  My guess is it will, but thought I would ask for other's opinions.


      Thank you!