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    Trouble with receiving programs

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      My Slingbox 500 use to work on my Android phone while I traveled. If I am at home my phone will work perfectly, changes channels, looks at menus, etc. When I am traveling and have only 4G signal, I can not get my provider which is ATT U-verse to turn on. My Slingbox provides me with the AT & T start up screen which says to press OK to watch the TV. I do not show my AT & T remote control so I can't press OK. If my wife, turns on the AT & T box at home and uses the home remote to say OK then the Android phone will start to watch the programs. I sometimes have trouble changing the channel. Again, the Slingbox App does not show my home remote.

      I tried looking for a way to reconfigure my providers remote and I do not see that option. I know that initial setup will give you this menu, but how do I get it to come up again so I can change it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.