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    First time viewing

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      I purchased a SlingBox and put it at my home (in S.Florida). I connected it but never turned on my browser while on my home network. Now I'm traveling and I want to watch TV...  having issues. Is this not possible? How can I do this?


      When I go to http://newwatch.slingbox.com/  I get the message:

      We can't find a Slingbox

      We're searching for a Slingbox, but can't find one on your Network, or in your Sling Account

      What? I figured I'd be able to add my code to my account, or something like that? What is the procedure to set up a SlingBox?


      I tried to find this answer on my own in the forum, but this was the message I found:


      Not Found

      The item does not exist. It may have been deleted.


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          rachel.sling Newbie

          Hello sfrarist,


          It appears that there is, in fact, no Slingbox associated with the email address you are using. It sounds like you did not complete the setup at the home location which you will need to do before watching your Slingbox at a remote location, Here are some articles to assist you with setting up the Slingbox:



          If you need any assistance setting up your M1, or SlingTV you can contact Sling support via phone at 1-877-467-5464. If it is any older unit, we may have to acquire a proof of purchase and establish a warranty before assisting. Please keep in mind that setup should be done at the Slingbox location.


          Hope we hear from you!


          Sling Media Moderator Team