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    SLING Player Desktop Problems




      Running a new M1 and the Slingplayer for desktop on Win 7 64Bit.  A few items:

      1) I continually lose connection on the desktop with error P16.  (I can immediately connect via iphone or iPad and it works fine) BTW just happened with the Bandwidth as excellent/good and bit rate was above 2000 Kbps. When I attempt a reconnect in the same image I get a black screen within the player are and no sound.  I reconnected via my iPad and disconnected my PC and the picture came up immediately.  Also, this does not happen with iPhone or iPAD

      2) The bandwidth (bars) symbol sometimes does not appear on the bottom of the screen.


      By the way, I already deleted the cefCache subdirectory in appdata/roaming, did not help