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    The remote control setup will not save. What can I do?


      I have had my slingbox for years and I've never had issues.  But, now I have a laptop that utilizes Windows 8 and continue to have problems with the remote.  Once I bring up my slingplayer, there is a question on the bottom that states that I have not set up a remote for the slingplayer and asks if I would like to set one up.  I choose "YES" and go through the set up.  The slingbox is set up on AT&T Uverse cablebox and after I make that selection, I see the remote.  I'm able to change the channels and do all things with it at that time (this is also the only time I get to change channels).  Once I select "NEXT" and see the ZIP CODE the remote disappears never to be seen again.  I can't change channels after the remote disappears.  If I want to change channels, I have to go through the set up process again.  How can I keep the remote from disappearing?