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    Constant Buffering with Chromecast

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      Like a lot of other users I suffer a lot from buffering when watching on my TV using Chromecast.    I think I may have figured out why it is happening to me, although I can't figure out a work around.


      My upload speed in the UK (BT) is very poor, maxing out at 400Kbs.   Although the Auto setting on the Quality option on the iPad Slingplayer is supposed to analyse the incoming signal and drop back to SQ if it is too slow to support HQ, that has never worked for me (does it work for any other BT user ?) so I have got into the habit of just manually select SQ and that stops any buffering.


      However, it appears that if you start to 'Cast' the signal to your Chromecast, then the Quality selection is overruled and gets switched back to Auto.   This forces it to act in HQ mode, so I get regular (every few seconds) buffering.


      Does that make sense to any other ChromeCast users experiencing buffering ?


      Moderators:   Any comment ?

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          As I get around 5Mb up from my internet provider an still buffer if I use my android phones not spot I think the problem is in the slingbox app. All else works fine.

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            Many others are experiencing the same problem with Slingbox on Chromecast buffering even though other chormecast apps work fine, and Slingbox on other devices (such as phone or laptop) work fine.  It appears to be a problem with the Slingbox chromecast app itself.  However, so far, I have yet to see a Slingbox moderator acknowledge this problem.  Some on other threads have suggested fiddling with the port settings, but that doesn't seem to resolve the issue.


            Hopefully a Sling moderator will hop on at some point and let us know they are working on this issue and that an update will be out at some point to make Chromecast work. 

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              I just tried this on my laptop running Chrome and casting it out to my TV.  The buffering sucks when casting it to watch on my TV.  I thought that it was only happening on my Android phone.  Very frustrating.  I am trying to watch TV in my basement on the same wifi network, and I can't get this to work without the buffering problem.