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    which slingbox should I buy?

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      I have an original slingbox that stopped working. My laptop is Windows 7, which slingbox should I buy?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Please don't double (or in your case tripe) post.  It is not necessary, not good practice and can cause confusion.  Just stick with a single post (which I replied to)

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              I wouldn't have to double-post if someone actually acknowledged the posts already online instead of ignoring us.

              I've been a Slingbox owner and user for years. My advice to anyone considering buying one would be DON'T. This issue of removing the ease of using keyboard commands while viewing full-screen for no good reason and certainly to the detriment of owners/customers, not acknowledging this problem via support like this page, and adding advertising which now interferes with watching, shows that Sling is not interested in giving you an enjoyable experience. Why don't you step up Slingbox and admit that your latest (forced) upgrade of your plugin has made watching Slingbox a pain instead of a joy?