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    No video (but audio ok) on Sling Player Win7 with component input (when all is ok when using Web Browser)



      My slingbox HD works fine for years with my sling player on Windows 7 64bits. But since several weeks, I have no video anymore with the component input when I use the SlingPlayer on WIndows. I have the sound, so the signal is OK. And I've not a message like "no signal error" at screen. No, just a black screen.


      So, I decide to try with a Firefox web browser, and all works fine.

      So, I decide to test the slingbox player with S-video input : all works fine.

      The only one configuration that makes trouble is the component input, with Sling Player software on Windows.

      Have you got an idea of the trouble?


      In a first time, I thought I will use a web browser to solve the problem quickly. But I note that I have not the same confort, typically with the dealy time when I use the remote. I have to wait sometimes more than 5 seconds between the action on remote and the result on screen. You can imagine how it is difficult to move into the menus for adding scheduled records from my computer... I prefer the windows software version that reacts instantly.


      Thank you for your help. :-)