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    Stuttering video driving me nuts


      Hey All,


      So lately at random times of the day/night (not related to peak usage times) my slingbox has become virtually unusable. Constant stuttering, sometimes just stopping all together, and then jumping to catch up. This is on multiple platforms, Apple TV via iPad, a Roku connection via tablet, and lap top via multiple browsers. Before a sling representative tells me its my internet connection, its not. I can download at full speed in accordance with the service we pay for. Downloads via bittorrent and speedtest.net peak out at just over 900 Kilobytes per second. Thats is PLENTY fast enough to handle high definition video. So why is it that I can download at perfectly acceptable speeds yet sling player cant even display video at the lowest available selection? The only thing I can suspect is maybe my router or ISP is throttling down video streaming requests? Because as I said I can download at full speed with no drop in performance. Is there anyway to prioritize streaming video. I have a typical netgear router and before anyone says to consult with the manufacturer is there some general advice or trick to prioritizing streaming video? Thanks!


      -R. Turner

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          cody.sling Novice

          Hello Rooks Turner,


          I'm sorry to read that you are having buffering issues with the Slingbox. With any Slingbox model that can stream in HD, the minimum requirement to stream that video with the Slingbox is 2Mbps. With your speedtest peaking out at just over 900Kbps, that would be the cause there. I do understand that, while you are able to download other content perfectly fine, the Slingbox works very differently from those downloads and needs the 2Mbps in order to stream HD video correctly.


          Hope this helps,



          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              I'm assuming you're giving that speed in megabits per second. Big difference. I'm able to down at 900 Kilobytes per second. 900 x 8 = 7200 megabits per second. 5 mbps over the 2mbps you quoted. I think i noted the speed wrong. I should have written it 900 KBps. So thats not the issue.


              Another amendment. I measured my download speed in kBps. See the table below, regardless its not in bits persecond, the number I posted is in kilobyte decimal form. Regardless, its faster than that required for HD video via the slingox.


              Kilobyte (KB or K) = 1024 bytes (2 ^ 10) "binary kilobyte"

              kilobyte (kB) = 1000 bytes (10 ^ 3) "decimal kilobyte"


              Kilobit (Kb) = 1024 bits (2 ^ 10) "binary kilobit"

              kilobit (kb) = 1000 bits (10 ^ 3) "decimal kilobit"


              KBps = Kilobytes (1024 bytes) per second (binary)

              kBps = kilobytes (1000 bytes) per second (decimal)


              Kbps = Kilobits (1024 bits) per second (binary)

              kbps = kilobits (1000 bits) per second (decimal)


              bps = bits per second