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    Tivo Premiere with M1 (multiple viewers)

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      I have a tivo premiere that i can watch 4 different things at one time.  I have a cablecard in it.  Is there a way that i can watch one thing from a hotel and my sister can watch a different program at the same time from the same tivo box?  The only info i found out on here was something about hooking 1 thing up to tuner 1 and another up to tuner 2.  the back of the tivo premiere doesn't have anything like that i don't think.  I think it is just one cable and antenna in and component plugs and things like that, hdmi spot and an ethernet port.


      Thanks for any information you can give me.



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          The Slingbox can only steam whatever is output from the back of your Tivo.   So unless you can actually control what is transmitted from the back you are out of luck.

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              Well, let's examine the original premise first.  You cannot 'watch' four different things at one time with just a Tivo Premiere.  It can record four different things at the same time- but only one can be watched via the attached TV.  So like Alan says, you can only watch what comes out of the back of your TiVo.


              With the four-tuner premiere, however, there is a moderate cost option to allow you to watch from all four tuners at once- the TiVo mini.  They are little client boxes that you set up on your home network (either via ethernet cables or "MoCa", which is IP over coax, which also requires a separate bridge) and then it accesses your Premiere and can watch all of the content stored on the TiVo as well as stream Live TV.  They go for $120-150 right now (with free lifetime subscription with units purchased and registered by Jan. 6, 2015 (and maybe even past that, nobody knows yet)).  And then you would need a separate slingblox which would then sit behind the TiVo Mini, and you could thus stream a different show from the Mini's slingbox while still slinging from the Premiere's slingbox.   Not the cheapest solution, but it's the best we can do at this time- plus it allows you a second HD TV in the house with no additional cost from the cable company, as you need no set top box with the mini.


              Due to living room cabinet constraints (Santa just brought the kid MORE game consoles ugh) I'm about to move my SB500 from behind my TiVo Roamio to a different room with a TiVo mini.  I  actually came here to see if there's any mention of the remote codes for the mini- right now I'm ASSuming it's going to work, but I guess I'll find out in the next couple days.....