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    Remotes with two TV'S


      I have no choice but to set up my Slingbox in a room with another working cable box and TV. When I test it on my tablet, the two remotes each effect the other TV (or cable reception). When I change channels on my Slingbox (using my tablet), it changes the channel on the other TV (which is not going to work if someone is watching that TV). When the other person watching that second TV changes channels, it effects the TV being viewed via my tablet (Slingbox).


      I contacted support, and they have no idea of a fix around this. Something to do with the IR blaster effecting any other sets in the same area. Is there a material that blocks IR feed/signal? Perhaps something I can use to isolate one TV/cable box from the other while they are still in the same room? I sure would appreciate any ideas you may have. I have 3 days before I leave.